Monday, May 31, 2021

Mummorial Day

You can read the comic adaptation of The Mummy (1959) here.

Though she's not in the movie, actress Norma Marla toured the US to promote it in 1959.
She brought Ananka's sarcophagus, which she posed with as a half unwrapped mummy.

She modeled for sculptor Adolph Wolter in Indianapolis too.

He made this bust of her as ancient Egyptian royalty:

She also gave away copies of this record:

The Mummy by Bob McFadden and Dor has nothing to do with the movie.
But it was a hit, as you can see it:

It's the first track on the album Songs Our Mummy Taught Us released the same year.

You can listen to it here.


  1. Happy Mummorial Day to you! Loved this and you. Hope you are having a great day ♥ xoxo