Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Prizes, Poem and Plasmane

Staci Layne Wilson sends prizes to one of her newsletter subscribers each month.
Last month I won her random drawing!
Here's what she sent me:

Sex Death Rock N Roll is her short story collection co-authored with Darren Gordon Smith.
I haven't read it yet but I know I'll love it.

Shevenge (2019) is her all-female horror anthology film.
I watched it on Women's Day and it inspired this poem:


You played with me then cast me away
But I'm sailing back to you today,
On a ship named Shevenge
I've become unhinged
When I reach your port of call,
You will be my screaming doll
The tides have turned, you will see
I'll crack you, like you cracked me.

A Whisper in the Dark (1976) is an Italian horror film about a boy with an invisible friend.
The DVD is out of print so I was very happy to get it.

I also own and love Staci's 50 Years Of Ghost Movies ebook.
Which includes an exclusive interview with Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters)!

Speaking of Ghostbusters, I had to get this My Little Pony:

Plasmane was approved by Peter Venkman!
As you can see:

You can also see Slimer (who I posted about last year here) on the box.
He and Plasmane are always ready for St. Patty's Day.