Friday, December 18, 2020

Benji's Very Own Christmas Story! (1978)

I shared creepy dogs for Creepmas here.
Now I'm sharing a cute dog for Christmas.

This special stars Patsy Garrett & Cindy Smith from Benji (1974) and For The Love Of Benji (1977).

They meet Kris Kringle (Ron Moody) in Switzerland and...
Watch here to find out what happens.

Benji is played by Benjean, daughter of the original Benji, Higgins.
Higgins also starred in Mooch Goes To Hollywood (1971) with Vincent Price!

Mooch is a girl, so Higgins dressed in drag!

I posted a weird music video showing all the wigs he wears here.

Speaking of dressing up, there was a Benji costume!

As you can see, he was adored.
Especially by his owner/trainer Frank Inn.
He wrote this beautiful Christmas poem about him:

My Little Brown Dog
I have a little brown dog that all my friends dearly love.
It is Benji, "God's Gift", to my family from heaven above.
A dog is one of God's created creatures that is faithful to men.
Because he is so faithful, he is called, "man's best friend."
He is a companion to people, he is a shepherd to sheep.
He guides the blind and he guards your home when you sleep.
Sometime you may betray your dog, but as long as he should live
He will follow his master faithfully and he will always forgive.
I wonder if Christ had a little brown dog that trusted and followed like mine
With two silky ears and a nose round and wet and two eyes round and tender that shine.
I am sure that if Christ had a little brown dog, it would feel like His master was God.
And would need no other proof that Christ was divine, and would worship the ground that He trod.
Now I don't believe that our Lord had a dog, because in the Bible I read
How He prayed in the garden alone, while His friends and disciples had fled.
I am sure that if Christ had a little brown dog, with a heart so tender and warm,
That dog would never have left Him to suffer alone, but he would have snuggled close under His arm.
Licking the fingers on His hands in agony clasped,
Still trying to comfort his boss.
And when they took Jesus away, he would have trotted behind.
He would have followed Him all the way to the cross.
Young children should learn to be faithful at home
Like my little brown dog I described in this poem.
Take them to Church and don't let them get bored,
So they can learn to be faithful and follow the Lord.
They should hear about Jesus, how he was born here on earth,
Remembering what He did for them when we celebrate His birth.
Be filled with the Spirit and you can live without fear,


  1. Loved this and I love you sis! Are you gonna get that Benji costume? I love it and his other pics. He's sooo cute! ♥

    1. Thank you! I love you too! I'll probably get that Benji costume eventually. I want to start a classic costume collection.

    2. You're welcome! Oh cool. I'm eye-ing on a mug that Sven has on his website. It says Svengoolie on it. I don't know if you seen it, but looks awesome.

  2. Is that a Benji Halloween costume or Cujo yikes!

    1. That mask does look more like Cujo. Maybe it's Rabid Benji lol.