Friday, October 23, 2020

Virtual Vamparty

Let's celebrate Holly's Horrorland turning 10 at Count Morbida's Chamber of Horrors:

Listen to his record here while we have a bite by Drac-O-Lantern light:

Pour a bowl of Count Tony The Tiger's cereal:

He's hanging on the back of the box too:

Then grab some Hershey's Vampire Kisses:

See their strawberry blood filling in Dinosaur Dracula's post here!

After the snack, have fun with this Halloween Activity Pack:

Get it FREE from Anthony Rapino here!
This candy corn mask is another treat from him:

I'm a member of The Candy Corn Apocalypse Army and The Candy Corn Crew.

The Crew is a new club created by Chelsea Celaya. Check it out here!
She also posted The Samhain Society's FREE Halloween eZine here!