Friday, July 10, 2020

Ligeia Live!

This virtual event takes place on Sunday (my birthday!) at 2:30pm ET.
You can buy a ticket for it here and/or pre-order a recording of it here.

You can also buy a recording of a recent Q&A with Roger Corman here.

Tomb of Ligeia (1964) is the last of eight Poe movies directed by Roger.
Elizabeth plays Ligeia, the first wife of Verden Fell, played by Vincent Price.
She also plays his second wife Rowena, who's haunted by Ligeia.

You can watch it here. I love it and the poster for it.

MCR put that cat on the cover of their EP, which you can listen to here.

My favorite MCR song, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, is on it.

Speaking of vampires, I love this photo of Vincent with a wax Drac:

It's from the Tomb of Ligeia US premiere.
You can watch news footage of it here.


  1. I can't believe I haven't seen that movie yet! Thanks for sharing this my spooky niece. ��

  2. Hey birthday girl! Just finished reading this. It's so ghoulsome as your blogs always are, and just like you are. I need to look into that song. Was hoping you'd say it's from DJ Bobo lol ♥