Sunday, May 10, 2020

Man In The Attic (1953)

I'm celebrating the Month of Mayberry with MeTV by sharing this movie featuring Frances Bavier, who plays Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith Show.

Man In The Attic is the third remake of The Lodger (1927) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Frances plays the landlady who suspects her lodger (Jack Palance) is Jack The Ripper.

You can watch it, the original and the other remakes on YouTube.
The other remakes are The Phantom Fiend (1932) and The Lodger (1944).
They're all good and differ slightly, including the endings.


  1. I've seen The Lodger, but not this one or The Phantom Fiend. I'll look for them. Thanks!

  2. Look at Aunt Bea - I had no idea she had a life outside of Mayberry!

  3. Glad you all dug this post! I posted about horror movies featuring Ron Howard/Opie here.