Monday, May 25, 2020

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965)

This is the first Amicus anthology movie.
Dr. Schreck (Terror in German) is played by Peter Cushing, whose birthday is tomorrow.
I want this figure of him made by Distinctive Dummies:

His house of horrors is a deck of tarot cards.
He uses them to tell the fortunes of five men on a train.
One man is Christopher Lee, whose birthday is Wednesday.
Another is Roy Castle, whose segment features this mask:

You can listen to the Voodoo tune he plays with Tubby Hayes in that scene here.
Roy also recorded an unrelated song called Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors.
You can listen to it here and his song Voodoo Girl here.

That mask is in another Amicus movie starring Peter Cushing.
The Skull (1965), which also stars Christopher Lee, as you can see:


  1. Wow he was so young then. Happy birthday Christopher. R.I.P. And happy birthday Peter Cushing! :)

    Love the pics, and I love you boo ♥

  2. And I see it's from 1965. The year before my favorite movie from Eastwood came out! :) ♥