Sunday, February 23, 2020

Decker's Dark Dames

I watched The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947) recently and loved these paintings from it:

The first Mrs. Carroll as The Angel Of Death

The second Mrs. Carroll (Barbara Stanwyck)

I found out they were painted by John Decker.
So was this portrait of Joan Bennett from Scarlett Street (1945):

[It's the masterpiece of his 12 paintings in the film.]

And the lady on the calendar in Brute Force (1947):

This is the original:

She was a cadaver he painted at a morgue!
Decker died that same year. More info here.


  1. Wow - Very cool art work. I have never heard of this artist.

  2. I googled the artist, and am saddened at his early death. He seems to have been a popular portrait artist for actors in his day. I'd never heard of him, and I'm glad to have you bring him to my attention. Now I'm off to look for The Two Mrs. Carrolls :)

  3. Hey sis! I just read this. It was awesome. Love the pics, and I love you!♥. I've not heard of John Decker. He must be very ghoulsome :).