Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eighth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree Invitation

It's that time of year again, my friends!
If you're new, Vampire's Day is my alternative to Valentine's Day.
For those who prefer bloody hearts.
I celebrate by hosting a virtual sanguinary soiree.
All you have to do is post something vampire related on February 14.
Say it's for the Vampire's Day Soiree (use #VampiresDaySoiree on social media) at HollysHorrorland.com.
Then come back here to "mingle" with the other guests.

To join, simply sign up below.
Please share the invitation too.

Art by Shawn Dubin. You can get a laser cel print of it here.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Japanese Halloween Treats from Blippo.com

Happy New Year!
I celebrated the start of 2019 and Japanuary by eating these:

Koala's March Halloween Chocolate Cookies

They're like the Hello Panda cookies I posted about here.
Bears celebrating Halloween on cookies with chocolate inside.
There's more than 10 characters though, as you can see:

I LOVE them and their box.

It includes this eye mask to cut out:

And shows how to make a bow:

Using a piece of cardboard from the top of two boxes:

I'll do that after I finish the second box.

Skeleton Ramune Candy Set

Ramune (Japanese soda) flavored hard candy bones are in the coffin.
On the back is a skeleton to show how to put the bones together.

Here's how my skeleton turned out:


With him are these candy Monster Stamps:

I had fun playing with them.