Thursday, December 13, 2018

Creepmas Treats

Happy Cocoa Day and Day of the Horse (with a fantasy twist)!

I pretend hot arctic white cocoa is boiled snowman
and Christmas Crunch is Black Christmas Crunch.

When you mix the two, you make Christmas Unicorn poo!

Get the song Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens FREE here!

My favorite Christmas candy of 2018 is this Reptar Bar:

This was the last day of Creepmas, but more holidays are on the way!

Tomorrow is Monkey Day, so I must share this Deadhead Rum:


  1. I wants the Reptar bar! And yay for Monkey Day! You're my favorite little monkey lol. Loved this and I love you. Will check out the song soon ♥ xoxo

  2. Ha - love that black Christmas crunch infused with fear. Perfect Creepmas breakfast.

  3. The Black Christmas Crunch is my favorite. I wish that was really a thing and it turned the milk black.