Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sirius Story

Simone Mareuil, the movie hottie, gave up her body
Burnt it like toast, but she couldn't give up her ghost
Self-immolation caused her damnation
Now the sad spirit of Simone wanders forever alone.
I wrote that sadly true story about the suicide of Simone Mareuil.
I titled it Sirius, cause she's the star of An Andalusian Dog (1929).
Sirius is The Dog Star.

The art is by Jessicka Addams. You can get it on t-shirts at her store here.
The words in pink are from her band Jack Off Jill's song Strawberry Gashes.
Their song Star No Star reminds me of Simone and the end of the film too.
Both songs are on their album Clear Hearts Grey Flowers. You can get it here.

I ordered this Sympath Tea pin from Jessicka's store here:

I'll post a photo wearing it on my Instagram here soon.
I finally got a new smart phone, so I'll post there more.


  1. Such a ghoulsome postie! Just like you. Congrats again on Z Force! Lol hope you don't mind me revealing your phone's secret personality. It is a berry bootiful phone. I need to look up that Andalusian Dog. Somehow, it links to why the character in Harry Potter is named Sirius. And he too, turns into a dog at some point of the 5th movie, if you remember ♥ xoxo

  2. very cool artwork..cute pin!
    looking forward to seeing more IG posts from you:)