Thursday, January 11, 2018

Puppets and Monsters and Bears! Oh My!

Before I post about the next holiday (Vampire's Day!),
I must share these creepy Christmas specials:

The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas (1973)
Watch it here.

A live action short film begins after the cartoon ends at the 25:25 mark.

A bear reporter tells about Ted E. Bear's other holidays,
while pictures from the books about him are shown in it.

The first creepy book is Christmas Comes To Monster Mountain,
which you can borrow from the virtual library here.

The second creepy book is The Great Bear Scare,
which was made into an animated film in 1983.

Even if you're over 10, you can watch it here.

You can also listen to Ted E. Bear records here.

The next film is Pinocchio's Christmas (1980). Watch it here.

I love the fairy in it, Lady Azora, who's pictured (center) below.

She has a sleigh pulled by white rats!

The last (but not least) film features a Vincent Price puppet!

Gorgo's Christmas Carol (2017):

It reminded me of the Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea episode with Vincent.
He played an evil puppeteer. Get all the info on it at David Hedison's site here.


  1. You are totally that bear, cause you slept through Christmas lol. Love your postie my sweet ghostie. I love you! <3 xoxo

  2. Where do you find all this amazing stuff lol :D XXX

  3. I need to check out the Gorgo Christmas thanks for that. As for as for the Bear that Slept through Christmas I love that show was a very young child when it came out, I have both the book and the vhs as well lol! Never watch Pinocchio Christmas tho