Thursday, November 23, 2017

Have a Sweet! Thanksgiving

With this edible Elvira and more from Sweet! Hollywood store:

This portrait by Jason Mecier is made entirely of Halloween candy!
(Check out his other amazing Elvira portrait here.)

You wouldn't eat it, but you can eat these:

Elvira Candy Gift Pack

You can also build your own chocolate bar here!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Brisk Sexy CuriosiTea

When I first saw this can I thought the girl on it was dead.
Perhaps strangled by her long locks? Or drown by the tea?

Then I realized she's in ecstasy. Is this Orgasms in a Can?!
Sadly it isn't, but there is such a thing!

You can get it here and see it in action below:

You can get the Brisk babe on this tea tee here:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rick and Morty Cereal Killer

FYE has real Strawberry Smiggles cereal here!

Here's the commercial for it from the episode Rixty Minutes:

You can eat it in this Scary Terry robe from FYE too:

Speaking of Scary Terry, check out this awesome artwork:

If you'd love to wear it on a tee as much as me, vote for it here!

FYE also has Reptar Bars and Reptar Cereal from Rugrats here!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nomvember Begins!

First, check out the jolly Jack-o-lantern my buddy Chris carved:
You can see it lit on his blog here!

I'm honored he used this design of mine:

I didn't carve one this year, but had a plethora of pumpkin products.
Peanut butter and chocolate products too. Including these peepers:

They look like eggs unwrapped, which reminded me of this Easter photo:
The Peeps are maple, caramel apple and candy corn.
I actually got them last Halloween.
Saving them till Easter was a bad idea. They were in rigor mortis.
The bunny cereal was good though.

Speaking of cereal, I got a box of Count Chocula.
Couldn't find my favorite, Franken Berry, but I found his sperm! lol.

You can get it here. There's plush cat sperm here.