Friday, December 16, 2016

3-D Creepmas Party

Deck the halls with me!
Frosty Holly candle made by my sister Ladan

Red and Green

I am ruby red, born to say stop and no
You are emerald green, born to say go go go
We fight like traffic lights,
Even on Christmas Eve night
But we're always together,
Like on Freddy Krueger's sweater.

Rock around the Freddy tree to this album here that's FREE!

And watch Tales Of The Third Dimension (1984),
featuring The Sugar Plum Wrecking Ball Granny!

Listen to her song here or she'll shoot your eye out!

She's in the third tale titled Visions of Sugar Plums,
which you can watch below at the 56 minute mark.

Sorry this post is late. Hope it's worth the wait. Merry Creepmas!


  1. Deck the Halls indeed! Dearest Holly, your posties are ALWAYS worth the wait, so no worries if they're late. I enjoy em all doll. I even enjoyed putting you on my candle there. Sigh, I wonder if I should give out my secret as to how I did so...

    Oh well! I am so ready to Deck the Halls with you sweetie. Thanks for crediting me. I love you <3 xoxo

  2. Wow! You've been immortalized, Holly!

  3. Dear Nightwind. Indeed she has been immortalized, and as she says on Facebook, I have Santatized her lol :)


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