Friday, October 21, 2016

Healing Gaia (The Spirit of the Earth)

Gaia is ill with a disease bound to kill,
But we have a magic elixir that will fix her,
We'll give her sweet shots to combat the rot,
And make our beautiful friend strong again.

Peppermint candy shot glasses

We (my monster mate Doctor Conrad and I) are Candy Crusaders.
And we want YOU to be one too! More info on that coming soon.
Our mission is to fight sickness with sweetness.
Such as this magically delicious Power Potion:

Just add water to this hot chocolate powder to turn it green!

Then add whipped cream vodka and/or marshmallow vodka.

These made a 10 most absurd types of vodka list

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This post is for the lovely Magaly's witchy party!