Monday, August 1, 2016

Music Monday: Fetus Feast

Those three songs by The Flaming Lips were on a flash drive,
which was housed inside the pictured gummy fetus.
Sadly they're no longer available,
but you can make a gummy fetus with this:

Fetus Cookie Cutter

You can also make a fetus out of meat.
Bon appetit!

Nurse Bathory

By day she hangs in a cave that's dark as a grave,
She induces fright in a hospital nursery by night,
Dining on fresh baby meat,
But no one suspects her cause she's so sweet.

This poem and post was inspired by Antropophagus (1980).


  1. LOVE your postie as always. I'll listen to the song soon. You still chew dolls I see! LOL LOVE YOU! <3 xoxo