Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Alice Cooper In Wonderland

Honey I shrunk the rockstar! (And his pets!)

So he could perform in my Wee Wonderland:
Alice met Alice and her creepy crew.

Then it was time for the show!
Of course he played this song, since it's Frankenstein Day:

Malice convinced him to make her his running mate afterwards.
Check out my post on their campaign here.

One of Alice Cooper's missions is to get Peter Sellers,
who's in Alice In Wonderland (1966), on the £20 note.

Get this DVD with bonus Alice biopic here.

Dreamchild (1985) is another great film about the real Alice.

You can get it on DVD here.

They're this week's Flick Picks, which you can see in the sidebar.

Also check out my sister Ladan's Alice story featuring me here!


  1. ooow...interesting movies...I think I may have seen the 1960's version as a child, but will look it out again :D XXX

  2. LOVE this postie, and LOVED the video yo! And OMG thank YOU for featuring me and my story! :D LOOOOOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH MY RRRRRRRRRAD SISTERRRRRRR! LOL <3 XOXO