Monday, July 25, 2016

Music Monday: Thriller

On Carson last night Vincent Price said he commissioned a painting by Dali!
This beautiful one to be exact:
The Madonna and the Mystical Rose

I thought that was so cool, so I had to share.
I loved Vincent's art discussion with Johnny and Joan Rivers.
Sadly I couldn't find a clip of that episode, which was from 1974.
But I found one of the Halloween 1987 episode,
where Vincent recites his rap from Thriller!

I know you want to hear the whole song now,
so here it is with a doll version of the video:

Vincent's wife Coral Browne's birthday would've been Saturday.
You can read Vincent's daughter Victoria's post for Coral here.
I hope to meet her at Barnes & Noble in Arlington VA on August 6.
She'll be signing copies of Vincent's cookbook. All the info is here.


  1. What a thrrrrrrrilling postie! LOVED it and love YOU! I'm a big fan of cats and dogs. Black cats are awesome imo. Dunno why some peeps are afraid of em lol <3 xoxo

    1. Thank YOU! I think black cats are awesome too. I'm surprised Vincent didn't dig them <3 xoxo

    2. You're welcome! I know right lol, think he's being silly willy <3 xoxo

  2. Featuring the voice of Vincent Price on Thriller was an act of genius.

    1. I agree! Alice Cooper featuring his voice on The Black Widow was also an act of genius.