Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scream Queen Cover Model Contest

In celebration of Women in Horror Month,
I want to see you screeeeeam, ladies!

Send a screaming photo to

You can also print and wear this crown,
which I dug from my first WiHM post:

We'll have a vote to pick a winner at the end of the month,
who will be the cover model on my Facebook fan page.

The following text will accompany your photo:

Holly's Horrorland makes me scream!
- Your Name

I'll also link to your site and/or your fan page.


  1. Hi sweet sister. Just got notified of your postie here via email. It is bootiful boo! Hmm a screaming photo...would my vampire pic work out? That would be a rad one! Love you sweetie. I'm sooo sorry I missed your message yesterday. Didn't mean to ignore you. Miss you! <3 XOXO

    1. Thanks sis! I love you and that pic, but sadly it doesn't fit for this. And it's ok. Miss you too! <3 XOXO

    2. When is the contest for Miss Vampire? Maybe there's still time. If not, we can definitely go for it when it comes again :) <3 xoxo

    3. I'll do the Miss Vampire contest next year my dear. I should've done it instead of this contest, since I didn't get any entries for it sadly lol. <3 xoxo