Monday, January 4, 2016

Musick Monday: Scream Queens Themes

Scream Queens was my favorite show of 2015.
These are the ladies that were left at the end
and the theme songs I assigned each of them:

Dean Cathy Munsch

Theme: Cold As Ice

Because she's cold as ice emotionally,
and at one point literally!

Chanel Oberlin

Theme: When I Am Queen

Because she wanted to be queen of everything.

Hester/Chanel #6

Theme: What Baby Wants

Because this devil in a dress got what she wanted.

Chanel #5

Theme: Perfect

Because she tried to be perfect,
but everyone thought she sucked.

Chanel #3

Theme: All The Things She Said

Because she couldn't stop thinking about Predatory Lez.


Theme: You've Got A Friend

Because if you call out her name, she'll come a-runnin,
if she's on the premises.


Theme: Somebody's Watching Me

Because Denise always had an eye on her.


Theme: Detective

Because she caught sneaky Pete red handed.


  1. Awesome post, awesome songs! My favorite one is You've Got a Friend, which made me think of us :)xoxo

  2. great songs, didn't watch this... maybe it's time!

  3. Cool post (and nice songs too)...
    Happy New Year to you and yours , dear Lady Holly...

  4. Thanks and a very Happy New Year to all of you! ^♥^