Friday, December 16, 2016

3-D Creepmas Party

Deck the halls with me!
Frosty Holly candle made by my sister Ladan

Red and Green

I am ruby red, born to say stop and no
You are emerald green, born to say go go go
We fight like traffic lights,
Even on Christmas Eve night
But we're always together,
Like on Freddy Krueger's sweater.

Rock around the Freddy tree to this album here that's FREE!

And watch Tales Of The Third Dimension (1984),
featuring The Sugar Plum Wrecking Ball Granny!

Listen to her song here or she'll shoot your eye out!

She's in the third tale titled Visions of Sugar Plums,
which you can watch below at the 56 minute mark.

Sorry this post is late. Hope it's worth the wait. Merry Creepmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Would Tim Burton Draw?

Aiko the elf below with a Joulupukki Jack In The Box.

He asked Santa for Aiko in this video here,
but got a Little Miss No Name doll instead.

I wish he made a Little Miss No Name movie.

With the wee Christina Ricci above as her.
And Vincent Price as her guardian angel.

I want to see a movie based on this card too,
which Vincent gave to his daughter Victoria:

She sold it on eBay here. Along with other Priceless items.
Including a magazine with a Christmas article by Vincent here.

This post is for the 13 Days of Creepmas.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Teddy Bear Nightmare Before Christmas

I turned Strawberry Cubcake into Berry Cutcake.

Berry tried to nap in his coffin trap.
But visions of cake kept him awake.

"Here's Berry!"

So he cut himself free with his knife accessory.

Look out, Melanie!

This post is for the 13 Days of Creepmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meanies and Queenie

Meet the Meanies Shocking Stuffers:

Slushy the Snowman, Cold Turkey and Splat in the Hat are Series I.

Blinky the Cat, Insanity Clause and Missle Toad are Series II.

Get them all here before they're sent to The Island of Misfit Toys.

Speaking of misfits,
I love Queenie (Michael Greer) from Fortune and Men's Eyes (1971),
cause he is one too.

And like Rudolph, he lights up Christmas Eve night.

See his bra lights glow in the sexy Christmas show scene below:

I must share this behind the scenes shot too,
cause I dig the pig panties:

This post is for the 13 Days of Creepmas.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saving my Zelf from Krampus

You Better Not Pout by Michael Banks/Sugar Fueled

Krampus is coming to town!

Thankfully my sister sent me these cookies to give him:

Naughty Ninjas by Ashley Williams

So he won't take my strawberry vampire Zelf off the shelf.

This post is for the 13 Days of Creepmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gourd Power

The Spice Girls are back! Well, three of them. They're GEM.

All that is curing my seasonal depression. So is retail therapy.
I bought black lipstick on Black Friday, naturally.

I may buy this Wannabe planchette pin too:

Now I need to find a cure for pumpkin spice rash and déjà vu.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Candy Crusaders

Like Linus, I've learned never to discuss politics with people.
So I've focused on fantasy elections and saved the best for last.


Feeling empowered today,
Even a priss can be President,
It's just the opinions you have to sway

The simple life is not for me,
I lean towards the extraordinary,
The stars are high, but I can reach higher
Don't put me out now while I am on fire

Feeling neurotic today,
But it's perfectly okay,
With the stars in my eyes,
I use this madness as a guide

I'm going to steal every star from the sky,
This little lady has no reason to hide.

Little Gothic Horrors nominated me for Presidency here!
I think Mr. T should be President though,
so I'll be his M.V.P. (Mad Vice President).
We have more in common than our last names starting with T.
We aren't Republican or Democrat. We are The Mad T Party.
And nothing makes us madder than Cancer and Muscular Dystrophy.

 Sadly we can't help sick kids with our doctorate degrees.

Dr. Mr. T, Foologist

But we can help them with prayers, positivity, and candy!

That's why I created the Candy Crusaders.
I want it to be a sweet (literally!) charity like Treat A Tot,
which has volunteers bring treats to kids in hospitals on Halloween.
Mine will be year round and treat sick kids at home though.
The treat will be a long twisty lollipop, the C. C. weapon of choice.
It will be delivered by a carrier bat finger puppet,
who will be their battle buddy.

I'm buying them from,
so the money goes to save the bats.

A letter from my alter ego will also be included.
Such as this:

Dear ______,

I'm sorry you're going through a tough time, but it's made you stronger.
That's why I want you to be a Holly's Horrorland Candy Crusader.
Whose mission is to fight sickness with sweetness.
Slay it away with this sweet saber.
This carrier bat will be your battle buddy.



I'll send these FREE to any child in the U.S. with a serious illness.
Just email their story, name and address to me.
You can also buy them for $10 (shipping included within the U.S.)
Email to order or if you'd like to make a donation, please!
It doesn't have to be money. It can be an item to sell or raffle off.
I'm creating Candy Clinic items to sell soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Target Treats

A porch poacher stole a box of candy I ordered from Target last week.
I told Target and they refunded me. Plus emailed me a $10 gift card!
So I reordered the candy and it got here for the best day of the year!

Happy Halloween!

These are the Target exclusive treats I got:

Maple Brown Sugar Peeps

I'm waiting to review these with two other flavors of Peeps.

White Boo-tterscotch M&M's

These white chocolate M&M's are big, buttery and crunchy.

Brunch Favorites Candy Corn

My favorite of these three flavors is French Toast & Maple Syrup.
They're buttery like the M&M's, so both go well with these guys:

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Skulls

Use M&M's for eyes and candy corn to make a bow tie.

Bone appetit!

The skulls aren't a Target exclusive, but I had to share them.
The butterfinger pieces and peanut butter pair perfectly.
I just wish they were white chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate,
Count Chocula won the Monster Cereal Election.

I voted for my favorite, Franken Berry,
but love all three monsters. Unlike him:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Healing Gaia (The Spirit of the Earth)

Gaia is ill with a disease bound to kill,
But we have a magic elixir that will fix her,
We'll give her sweet shots to combat the rot,
And make our beautiful friend strong again.

Peppermint candy shot glasses

We (my monster mate Doctor Conrad and I) are Candy Crusaders.
And we want YOU to be one too! More info on that coming soon.
Our mission is to fight sickness with sweetness.
Such as this magically delicious Power Potion:

Just add water to this hot chocolate powder to turn it green!

Then add whipped cream vodka and/or marshmallow vodka.

These made a 10 most absurd types of vodka list

Want more TREATments? Visit the Candy Clinic.

Logo made for me by Jason Durham

This post is for the lovely Magaly's witchy party!

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Burton Blog Bash

Beetlejuice by Dave Quiggle

It's (show)time for a toast to the man who made the ghost with the most!
Raise a glass of Beetle Brew:

It's Ecto CoolerVodka, and Thicken Up to make it like goo:

Now let's get lit as we wax poetic over his hits.

Speaking of lit and wax, check out my Pyropet:

He burned for me, as you can see:

In 20 hours he went from purrfect to purr evil!

I named him Burton, since he's dark and bright.

I got him from Kate's Clothing.
Who sell Burton items, like this Lydia tee:
Use code HORROR10 for 10% off all items!

Speaking of Lydia and candles,
Winona Ryder is one in this music video directed by Burton:

That's the second video he directed for The Killers.
This is the first:

It reminded me of this book:

The New Death and others by James Hutchings

As the cover image by José Guadalupe Posada suggests,
Death gets a partner in the title story. Which is 1 of 44.
There's also 19 poems, lots of cats and no sparkly vampires!

Thanks to everyone who made this bash a smash,
especially my lovely co-host, Little Gothic Horrors!
Be sure to visit all the bloggers listed here!