Friday, November 27, 2015

Dark Decor for Black Friday

Hope those of you who celebrated had a happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for many things, including these delightfully dark gifts:

The skull mirror, bat marrow bottle and black roses were from my aunt.

The brooch was from my dear friend Debi.
I adore the artwork on it:
The Girl in the Mirror by Madame Grotesque

And the bony birdy was from myself.

You can get him here!

Warning: He falls forward easily.
I still love the little guy though.
Both his wings and mouth move!
And Svengoolie has the same one!


  1. Very cool my dear sis. I did have a great Thanksgiving, tho it was quiet. Hope you did too xoxo

  2. Oh I do admire the black flowers ! I'm so happy you like the Madame Grotestque art! I thought it was made just for you!
    Enjoy your weekend! Huge hugs! xo

  3. Mirror mirror on the table, who's the deathliest and most unstable?