Friday, October 30, 2015

My Horror Movie Survival Crate, purveyors of Zombie Survival Crates and other
great gifts for men, made this awesome info sheet for Halloween
and asks: What would you want in a horror movie survival crate?

Since I'm an eternal optimist,
I assume my apartment is stocked with food and drinks.
So I would just want the items below and the crate itself,
which I'll use pieces of to board up the doors and windows.
(Along with my least favorite furnishings.)

Suit of Armor

The Conqueror Sword

Machine Gun

Pistol Crossbow with Silver-Tipped Wooden Arrows

Silver Bullets

Squirt Gun with Holy Water

Drill with Screws


Duct Tape

PowerPot 10

Sterno Emergency Preparedness Kit


Lanterns and Flashlight

Emergency Radio

First Aid Kit


Gas Mask

(In case I need to create a quick exit.)



  1. You stole my idea on the bow and arrow lol! Even mom mentioned that I could do separate pics of em, but I tried sooo hard to find a pic with them both, having the silver head and being wooden. It was a hard one lol xoxo

  2. Not sure on the dynamite being a quick exit, cause you could end up blowing yourself up lmao!

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