Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet the Doll Creator: Mandy Murdica of Chiara Venice Art Dolls

I have always had a vivid imagination and believed in fairy tales,
mythical creatures, aliens and outer space...
As a little girl I always believed that my dolls were alive…
and yes that they spoke to me...
Now my childhood dreams have become a reality
and my dolls really do speak to me in so many ways!!!

I am a self taught doll artist and come from Sydney, Australia.
Chiara Venice Art Dolls officially began late 2013.
My medium of choice is cloth,
but I am venturing into a combination of clay and cloth also.
I love the process of transforming an idea into a pattern/a sculpt,
then into a doll, then to add all the elements needed to bring it to life
and give it it's very own soul, it always strikes me as mystical!

My art dolls do not conform to one particular genre or style.
The one thing that I do maintain and love to create are big alluring eyes
that are in a way, unnerving at times.
I feel this is what holds the spirit of my dolls soul
and if their eyes are following you I have indeed succeeded!

"Art Dolls are the key to my unconscious mind,
my way down the rabbit hole,
my looking glass into the world around me and beyond."

Tarrant The Mad Hatter Hightopp,
Our Alice
and the Grinning Cheshire Cat -
Curious Collection

Kara Zor-El - Supergirl
(Designed in a pop art style) 

Queen of Hearts -
Curious Collection

The Joker - Heath Ledger Tribute

Luna Lovegood
(Harry Potter themed
custom art doll)

Mandisa Nabelung -
Sweet Beautiful One,
African Princess

Catalina Arãna, Isidora Fiorella and Lolita Mariposa -
Sweet Skulls Collection 

Pearlia Diamanté -
Tattistic Collection, 
Dream it...Live it...Ink it! 

Invidia Bonetique - Gothic Lolita

Rabberta White -
Curious Collection
(Twist on the White Rabbit)

Visit her FB page here and her Etsy shop here for more.


  1. LOVE Luna Lovegood and the Joker. R.I.P. Heath Ledger, the world's lost a fantastic actor. Such a great career wasted away *sigh*. He had so much talent. Lovely to meet you Mandy! Keep up the great work. It's such a shame so many like Heath waste their talent and creativity!

    1. It's so nice to meet you also!
      I'm so happy that you like my art dolls. Luna's headdress was a real challenge to create and put together and The Joker was the most creative and detailed piece I've done, it really meant a lot to me and I hope I've done Heath proud. It was such a tragedy that such a beautiful soul and talent was lost :(

    2. It was indeed. I just don't understand it. Many people don't see their future ahead. Guess they think that there's not enough in their lives, when there actually is. Just gotta chase it and grab it! ;) xx

  2. Oh the EYES! Colour and fabric is beautiful! So nice to have visited Holly to see your amazing ART Dolls!

    1. Thank You Debi!!!!
      I really appreciate your sweet compliments and am so excited that you like my work :D

  3. Stunning...STUNNING work! Fabulous artwork on your dolls :D XXX

    1. Big thank you Gina :D
      That really means a lot to me to hear. It's so rewarding to know that my work is appreciated!!! xx

  4. Thank you soooooo much Holly for featuring me, I'm so honoured and grateful!!!! xxx

    1. Holly's the most precious soul in my life. If it wasn't for her, I would probably never have a sister. It means a whole universe and more to me. Even if it means being a night owl sometimes hehe. She's so much fun to hang out with *hugs Holly tightly* :')

    2. That is so sweet, she must be very special indeed, you are very lucky to have someone that means so much to you <3

    3. Thank you Mandy. It's not easy finding and keeping people who mean so much to us really. Such people are rare gems. Holly is one of em. She makes me cry happy all the time :') <3

    4. You are sooooooo welcome, Mandy! <3

      Thanks sooooooo much, Ladan! <3

    5. You're soooooooo welcome sweet doll :') <3 *hugs*

    6. Thank you both for rocking on my life! I love you guys! xoxo

  5. What I said was:- I love these dolls, Mandy. I'm really in awe of the Joker and the pop-art style! And your Alice at the top is one of my favourites! Love so much!

    1. Oh! You are toooo nice to me Rhissanna!!!
      Thank you so very much <3

      I think we are all a little Alice in Wonderland obsessed lol
      My pop art Supergirl was one of my fav's she is so different to any other art doll and felt like she really did jump out of the pages of her comic book!!!

  6. Very creative! I especially like the Gothic Lolita.

    1. Thank you very much!
      She is my most newest art doll for sale and is taller and thinner than my previous dolls.
      My goth girl is also jointed :)