Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vincent Price Birthday Bash

The hostess with the mostest is here with Vincent's wine.
So let's raise a glass to the Master of Menace
and turn back the hands of time!

First we'll dine, then have a piece of cake...

While we watch one of Dr. Goldfoot's go go girls shake!

She's not the only one who grooves.
Check out Vincent's dance moves!
(Starting at the 2:10 mark)

I also want to wish a happy birthday to Christopher Lee!
And a happy belated birthday to Peter Cushing!

Speaking of birthdays,
the go go girl, who's a drink shaker,
was a birthday gift to my brother.

Thanks to Jason Durham for the Elvira photoshop job.

Thanks to Victoria Price for the Dr. Goldfoot paintings,
which are mini art prints, pictured up above and below.

                                              The End


  1. I was just thinking of Elvira and how old she must be...getting old enough to join Vincent and Christopher Lee, I think! Happy Birthday Vincent Price! The Monster Mash was a blast!

  2. Needs to get my Elvira dance moves out of the closet lol Happy Birthday wishes to all these fabulous gentlemen of horror :D XXX

  3. OMG, Go Go Girl is hilarious! She's cute! Squee! Yes, a very happy birthday to Vincent Price indeed! *raises glass*. I want some cake! :) xoxo

  4. Now there is a FUNtastic birthday group! Cheers! xo

  5. He's quite the dancer! Happy Belated Birthday, Vincent! And thanks for all of the horror.

  6. A happy belated birthday to Vincent Price! Holly, love this post!

  7. Oh Vincent Price. How I love thee! Thanks Holly for this great post!