Thursday, March 5, 2015

Celebrate Spock

Leonard Nimoy has been and always shall be an inspiration to me.
He wanted to show the world there's beauty to be found in different body types. So do I!
That's why I'm reviving my Tumblr as a place for people to celebrate their differences.
It'll also be a place to promote Runway Of Dreams, who I'm a proud Ambassador for now!
I'm going to officially "open" the blog on March 26th, in celebration of Leonard's birthday.
I invite all of you to submit a photo doing the LLAP sign (if you're able) there now though.
Right this way ~ White Rabbat's Runway 
Feel free to tell the world why you're strange and rock like Spock too!
Also if any of you awesome artists want to make a banner and/or icon for the blog,
please let me know!

Image found here

The March Mecha Madness bad bot battles will begin soon!

Speaking of bots, Leonard not only voiced two Transformers,
(Galvatron (pictured above) and Sentinel Prime)
he also defended a robot in my favorite Outer Limits episode:

Check out an excellent post on it here!


  1. all of those interesting and awesome and inspiring and and and people passing away lately... i wanna hug all of those who are still here O_O Oh and of course good luck to you on that new project!

  2. Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26? Wow! That's my birthday as well. His passing is very sad. Somehow, I led myself to believe that he'd live for ever, or at least for a Vulcan's full lifespan.

  3. A sad time.

    Such a wonderful person to celebrate ♥