Sunday, February 22, 2015

Upcoming Events

Thanks to everyone who attended the 4th Annual Vampire's Day Soiree!
And congrats to Strange Girl in a Little House for winning the giveaway!

Speaking of giveaways,
I won a fang bottle opener from Insomniac's Attic!
(Thanks again!)

Here's a gift from the Jill Tracy V. Day concert for all of you:

I'm planning another party for Vincent Price's birthday in May.
Stay tuned for details on that soon.

Right now I'm gearing up for March Mecha Madness!
Where bad bots will battle and YOU decide who wins!

Then after that is this wicked Oz event,
which you can get all the info on here:


  1. Thanks for hosting another fun, fun Vampire Soiree. I look forward to the "new" party and all the mayhem and love share there. And lastly thanks for the pluge for Celebrate Oz, Shadow of Oz. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. I missed it, how could I have missed it... looks like you had a great turn out. All the best to you and sending out the good vibes.

  3. Thanks for hosting this year's Vampire's Day Soiree, Holly! I'm looking forward to next year. And congrats on winning the fang bottle opener!

  4. Just seen this, wow so awesome! Congrats to Strange Girl indeed. What is this Soiree? I might wanna join in next year. What do I do? xXx

  5. Thank you again for a marvellous soiree *just love being able to use the word "soiree" :D* XXX

  6. Thanks everyone! Hope you'll join me for the next Soiree! (You're right, Gina, it is fun to say! :)
    Ladan, it's an alternative Valentine's Day event. All you have to do is post about vampires! xXx

    1. ooh yay!! I would love to do that, ty boo xXx