Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Fourth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

Velcome, darklings!
Karen Scioli of Saturday Night Dead
and Goth Mothers of Transylvania.
(Which you can watch here.)

Have a drink!
(Take some to go in this tumbler too!)

And a bite!
Portraits by Ashkan Honarvar. Song by Alice Cooper.

Look who's on the dance floor,
Vampira and Count Cleese in their bat forms!
(Find out how they met here.)
Picture from The Gentleman Bat book

Jill Tracy is doing an online concert today,
but you can see her live right here!

If I could afford it, I'd give away one of these:
Coffin USB with Jill Tracy's ENTIRE Discography!

I am giving away a $20 gift certificate to though!
Which you can use to buy most of the items in this post,
including this vampentine card!

All soiree attendees are in the draw.
You can still sign up to be one here.
Be sure to visit the others too!
I'll pick a winner on Monday.

Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^


  1. Everyone needs a coffin USB!

    Thanks so much for hosting the Vampire's Day Soirée. I love traditions, and your party has certainly become an annual thing for me. ;-)

  2. Thank you for hosting this marvellous soiree again Holly. How often does one get to use the word "soiree" these days? Much more fun than the other V day :D XXX

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this! I love seeing what everyone has up!

  4. What a delightful posting for the Vampire Soiree. Thanks so much for hosting this event again. Had a great time and will take the weekend to visit everyone. xoxo Oma Linda

  5. This is wonderful, Holly! I love the batty card.

    I've been looking forward to your soiree since last year's event.

    Happy Vampire's Day! :)

  6. Yay for Vampire's Day! Thanks for hosting! I do love that bat card. Bats hold a special place in my heart.

  7. Our ️favorite Hostess! Thank you for another fun Vampire Doire celebration! I'm just waiting till dust , that is when all my guest will arrive! Please visit tonight! Always
    love to bite you! xoDebi

  8. Oh, it's like looking in the mirror, I love the top photo xoxoxo

  9. It was a lot of fun - even if I wasn't very prepared. Thanks for hosting, Holly! :)

  10. Squeeeeeeeeee! "Vampira and Count Cleese in their bat forms." I'll definitely be checking out that link! :D Happy Vampire's Day, Holly! And thank you for hosting this smashing soiree! ❤

  11. I'm totally going to have to watch some episodes of the Goth Mothers of Transylvania. How can I resist?

    Holly, I just want to say thank you once again for putting on the Vampire's Day Soiree, a truly wonderful event.

  12. Thanks so much for organizing the Vampire Soiree, I've had a great first time attending, so much fun to be had. I love your bat illustrations, especially the dancing bats.


    Maynard is away for the weekend and asked me to leave you the link to his Vampire's Day Soiree post. :)

  14. Thanks for hosting the Vampire Soiree for another year, Holly!

  15. You won the fang opener, my dear! Details on where to email your address are on the Addendum to the blog post. :)

  16. Thank you all for attending the Soiree! We'll definitely do it again next year!