Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge

Debi of Easel & Quill is challenging us to do some creative coupling!
You can get all the juicy details here.

So I've paired Vampira & John Cleese!
And here's how they met...

Vampira said:

John said "Yes, please!"
So she bit him and turned him into Count Cleese!

Now they're unliving largely and inverted!

You can get a print of the photo of Vampira here.

You can get a postcard with the photo of John at,
which I'll be giving away a gift certificate to at the V. Day Soiree!


  1. Oh Holly you are so creative! This is brilliant! I envy Vampira's tiny waist! Mr. Cleese would leap at the invitation, alive or dead I'm sure! Thank you so much dear heart, see you at the Soire! xoxo

  2. OMG hahaha...Count Cleese! I think he would be a very naughty vampire :D XXX

  3. Who could resist? And Count Cleese? I love it!

  4. Love this...Vampira has always been a fave.

  5. Those two are probably creating all kinds of mayhem! Hm, I wonder if they will post pictures of their doings...