Monday, November 17, 2014

Bewitched Cookbooks

The Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the Kitchen

Published in 1995 and written by Kasey Rogers,
the second actress to play Larry's wife Louise.

What's In It:

~ Cousin Serena's "I-don't-cook" quick-fixes

~ Dr. Bombay's exotic banquets

~ Maurice's special drinks and delicacies

~ Endora's wickedly tasty tricks and treats

~ Samantha's never-before-revealed private recipes
for Perfect Pizza and Benson's Chili Con Carne -
the special dishes that saved Darrin's career

~ Never-before-seen photographs

~ Trivia quizzes,

~ An episode-by-episode index

Where To Get It:

Secondhand, since it's sadly out of print.

The Magic of Bewitched Cookbook:
Clients, Cookery and Cocktails

Written by Gina Meyers,
who's considered a Bewitched expert.
This is her third book about the show.

What's In It:

~ Darrin's favorite meal

~ Serena's Saucy Guide to Life

~ Larry's hangover remedy cures

~ Mrs. Kravitz's sugar cookie recipe

~ Clients Coming Over In An Instant Appetizers

~ Dr. Bombay's Sure to Cure Favorite Home Remedy drink

~ Madison Avenue Mocktails

~ Helpful kitchen tips

~ Trivia tidbits

~ Rare photographs

~ A listing of McMann and Tate Advertising Clients

Where To Get It:

On Gina's site here.

Also the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook,
the Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, and more!

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