Friday, October 17, 2014

Witches In Fiction: Crafting Blooming Howls (Plus a Giveaway!)

For this magical party I crafted words into a poem,
which was inspired by the following:

1. The episode of Bewitched about Tabitha and a polka dot elephant

2. The conjoined twins from American Horror Story: Freak Show

3. The photo of model Dovima with Elephants

4. The song Elephant Elephant by Evelyn Evelyn

Tabitha and the Elephants

Tabitha went to the animal park to see the famous pachyderm pair,
And she thought them being tied at each other's side wasn't fair
So she twitched and separated the two
But when she saw that made them blue,
She twitched them back together again
Realizing that way they'd always have a friend
Then she flew through the rest of the park,
Pairing animals like Noah for his Ark.

Tabitha's mom, Samantha, is my favorite fictional witch.

Who's your favorite fictional witch?

Comment with your answer and email address,
to be entered to win a virtual bucket of ebooks!
Spooky ones, of course!

Winner will be picked randomly
and announced on October 30th.

[I'm still looking for ebook donations too.
Authors, if interested, please email me!
I'll donate $1 to Scares That Care for each.]


  1. Ouuuu just love anything that incorporates Bewitched and American Horror story!!! My favourite fictional witch is Agatha Cromwell from the Halloweentown films. My email address is

  2. Fictional witch? ( would be two) The Aunts in Practical Magic! Love them TOTALLY!

  3. Favorite witch in fiction, hhm? Probably... Agnes Nutter from Good Omens.

  4. I love Samantha!! But Willow and Tara are my favorites on TV and Rachel Morgan in print.

    Stopping by from the Crafting Blooming Howls blog hop!

  5. I love the diverse sources of inspiration for this...nicely done!

  6. I love your poem Holly!

    I'm not entering your wonderful giveaway, as I already have so many e-books to get through, but my favourite witch, at the moment, is Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter ~ Harry Potter)

    Have a perfect weekend!

  7. Now I want to watch every single show (episode) and then read your poem again. Many times. Maybe read it to others, too. So that they, too, can remember that our weird is what makes us who we are.

  8. You go, Tabitha! :) My favorite fictional witch is Camille from Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld series.

  9. I'd have to say that Samantha is my favourite fictional witch too! I desperately wanted to be able to wiggle my nose and make magic happen when I was a little kid. To be honest, I still do! ;D

    Aunt Clara, who is standing next to the elephant in the pic, is one of my favourite 'Bewitched' characters too! She was adorable! I've got the entire series on DVD. Two of the cats I had as a kid were called Samantha and Tabitha!

    Loved your poem, Holly! ❤

  10. So many fabulous fictional witches to choose from!
    Some of my favorites have been mentioned above.
    I spent Saturday mornings with Witchipoo and HR PufnStuf

  11. Oh my goodness me....elephant, elephant is the absolutely cutest. I love the background rollers. I did that one time when I was teaching.....a million years ago. Your poem was so very cute.....yes it would be a shame to separate besties. I know that you will know my answer about favorite witch before I even tap the keys.....the bad greenie from Oz. She is so good at what she does.....melting, melting.
    Good TV choice, loved Aunt Clara....I grew up to be Aunt Clara at times.
    Thanks for the fun, xoxo Oma Linda

  12. Dovima with the elephants? That's just a gorgeous bit of work there. And yes, I admit, Bewitched had the first witch I ever had a crush on. I've actually never seen the polka dot elephant episode, for which I feel a little sad about. A wonderful post, full of wonderful things!

  13. I love that song. And now I have it stuck in my head again. Sounds kind of hollow in there.

  14. Love that polka dot elephant(do you think my son would notice if I dyed his dalmatian purple?)
    You verse is such fun too....I now have a head full of conjoined animals lol :D XXX

  15. You dear, wonderful thing! You put elephants with conjoined twins and witches! I am your fan for ever more!

    My favourite witch? Mommy Fortuna from 'The Last Unicorn". She's gratifyingly wicked!

  16. My favorite would have to be Serena, Samantha's cousin on Bewitched. I just loved how Elizabeth portrayed that saucy, raven-haired... I'm sorry, what was the question? lol

  17. Probably my favorite witch is Mona Mayfair from Anne Rice's "Lives of the Mayfair Witches" trilogy and the last two entries to her "Vampire Chronicles," not counting the all new "Prince Lestat." A Happy Halloween to you, Holly.