Friday, October 10, 2014

Help make CINDY a reality

 Cindy is a foster child (read: maid, unpaid personal assistant, emotional punching bag).
Her “family” are reality TV superstars who make the Kardashians look warm and fuzzy.
Her Fairy Godmother has a drug problem and her handsome Prince is over twice her age.

Though this isn't a horror series, that definitely sounds like a scary tale to me.

Plus it's created by Larry Wilson, 
the co-creator of Beetlejuice and The Addams Family,
so you know it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of awesome,
if you donate even just $1 to the Kickstarter campaign,
you can enter to win one of these posters here!

Beetlejuice poster will be signed by Larry Wilson.
Addams Family poster will be signed by Larry Wilson & Caroline Thompson.
Edward Scissorhands and NBC posters will be signed by Caroline Thompson,
who's the screenwriter of both fabulous films.

Take a gander at all the other great perks here!

P.S. Since I ♥ strange art and this month is all about books,
I must also mention Last Gasp's Kickstarter campaign here!

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  1. My dear sis. Sorry I'm a couple years late on this! Makes me feel worse than the White Rabbit haha. I've just finished watching the vid, and reading about it. It was awesome! We should dig it out together <3 xoxo