Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Nevermore Rapport

First off,
I've extended the Bucket of Books Giveaway till midnight PST tonight.
Enter by telling me who your favorite fictional witch is here!

What do witches and Poe have in common?

They both love black cats!

So let's celebrate these feared felines by doing the following:

Reading the comic adaptation of The Black Cat from Tales of Terror:
Read the rest of the comic here!

While sipping a Black Cat Martini:
Get the recipe here!

And listening to a spooky song,
such as Read Me a Story by The Clock Work Army:
(I'm quite proud of this video!)
People from past to present pondering over petrifying prose.
Including blogger buds Chris Hewson and Laura Morrigan.

Now visit the other P(oe)arty peeps:


  1. Make my Black Cat Martini dirty! and a double! Delious Devils Night Frightfully Fun Girl! xoDebi

    1. Turns out I can't get a ride to the Poe Price Weekend, so I'm making mine a triple! lol.
      Wish I could beam us both there, cause I couldn't have won the contest without you! xo

  2. FANTABULOUS!!!!! You should share that vid on FB ...perfect for tonight. People could use it to signal bedtime for the kiddies lol :D XXX

  3. Oooh, I love the sound of a Black Cat Martini!

    Happy Halloween, Holly! ♥

  4. Oh- who better to read me a spooky story!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Hmmm, that comic's an interesting mix of Poe characters and themes! Sorry I missed this groovy giveaway! Been off the Blogosphere grid for some time, alas. :-( Hope to become a more regular visitor!

  6. Hope you all had a very happy Halloween too! ♥

    I'll definitely share that video on FB next year, Gina!

    No worries, Mina! I'm planning more giveaways for Creepmas! :)