Monday, September 15, 2014

Monster Monday: The Sleeping Room

This is a Gothic, psychological tale of Victorian revenge.
About a young call girl named Blue, drawn to Brighton - 
compelled to find out the truth behind her family history.
Discovering a hidden chamber within a Regency house whilst with a client,
a terrifying supernatural force is unleashed, infiltrating her psyche.
This monster from her families past seems hell-bent on claiming her future.
And nobody will escape its power unless a score for a heinous felony is settled.

The film is due out on DVD and VOD in the UK and the US in early 2015,
but the production company is raising funds for print and advertising now.
You can donate to their campaign, which ends in just three days, here!


  1. This sounds like a very good film.

  2. Sounds very promising, ideal to watch alone in the house late at night with a faint light on (my favorite way to watch a good horror movie :-D ).

  3. I love the sound of it too! And I can't wait to watch it that way, Night Owl!

  4. That images makes me think of the Scarecrow costume from Nolan's Batman films...