Monday, September 8, 2014

Monster Monday: Ghostbusters

They came. They saw. They kicked Beetlejuice's ass!
In the favorite 80's phantom flick poll.
(Just by one vote though!)

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Sadly I missed seeing Ghostbusters on the big screen last week,
but watched it on DVD, along with the behind the scenes stuff.
 Which I learned these two fascinating tidbits from:

1. The ghoul in this story from Vault of Horror #28
was going to be used as a character in the film:

You can read the rest here!

2. John Candy was set to play the role of Louis Tully!
They even drew storyboards with him:

Details on these deleted Bum Sequence storyboards here!

According to Ivan Reitman in the DVD commentary, 
John Candy quit the role because his ideas for the character were being rejected.
He wanted the character to have a German accent and a pair of schnauzer dogs. 
Everyone felt the German accent wasn't appropriate for the character though,
and that there was already enough “dog imagery” with the Terror Dogs.
So, he quit early in production and Rick Moranis was cast at the last minute.

You can see John and his dogs in issue #4 of the Ghostbusters comic though!


  1. Bill Murray day at TIFF, people dressed as GhostBusters, such a wonderful tribute!

    1. I wish I could say I planned this post for Bill Murray day, but I wasn't aware of it. How cool!

  2. "Ghastly" Graham Ingels is one of my favorite draftsmen, he illustrated many of those Witch's Cauldron comics.

    1. Thanks for the info! I shall look him up, cause I dig his work too!

  3. Excellent,fun and informative as always,Holly! : )

    1. Thanks, Conrad! You guys are just as informative as me though!