Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A toast to Arlene Martel

When Arlene Martel passed away on August 12, 2014, I couldn't believe she was 78.
To me, she was still Arline Sax (her real name), the hypnotically beautiful actress
I first saw in "The Hunted" episode of The Rebel starring Nick Adams.
I was a lad of five then, and Arline Sax was added to my list of favorite actresses.
Strangely enough, Arline's co-star in that episode is none other than Leonard Nimoy,
whom she would reunite with for Star Trek's "Amok Time"!

She changed her name to Arlene Martel,
appearing in just about every TV series from the 1960's and 70's,
including The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and The Monkees.
She was a welcome face in any TV show as I was growing up,
and my Mom even took me to see her in the biker film Angels From Hell (1968)
at my request.

Arlene as Ginger in Angels From Hell

Arlene Martel never gave a lousy performance, 
and will forever be fondly remembered.

This post was written by Conrad Widener.

I just want to add that I owe Arlene for my nurse obsession.

"Room for one more, honey"

It's Spectember!
Join us every week this month for a toast
to a favorite female star who's now a ghost 
forever haunting our hearts.


  1. Mysterious Nurse, dark eyes, crisp white uniform! Perfect !
    I look forward to your celebration of Memorable mysterious women!

  2. Gosh, she has the cutest nose! I know that sound weird, but cute noses are difficult to sculpt. I love hers! I only know her from the Star Trek episode, but what a key episode! Spock and Kirk battle it out, the Vulcan sign appears, Spock shows emotions and we meet T'Pau!

  3. She was indeed perfect as a Mysterious Nurse, and a Vulcan!
    Now that you mention it Rhissanna, her nose was perfect too!