Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Julie Newmar!

Thanks to my batty buddy Jason for helping make this pic!

Join me in celebrating my favorite Catwoman's birthday! 

I thought it was so fitting that it fell on a Saturday
and the day before Black Cat Appreciation Day!

So I hereby decree this to be Caturday!

Art by Mike Fisher

Catwoman was always after Batman,
and looks like she finally got him!

More photos of the cake here

I wish I had those figures of them!
I do have these though:

Tommy as Batman and Kelly as Catwoman

Julie also played a cat witch in an episode of Bewitched,
which you can watch here!

Can't blame Darrin for staring!

And she was Ultra Witch in Monster Squad.

Eat your heart out, Endora!

Her most important role is being a Mother though,
which she talks about in this touching video:

I'm planning to get her book she mentioned,
The Conscious Catwoman, off her site here.

I plan to get more of her comic books too.
Check out my review of the first issue here.


  1. Their is only ONE! cat women**** Happy Birthday Ms Newmar! xoDebi

  2. Happy birthday,Julie Newmar! Excellent post as always,Holly! Simply perrrrrfect!

  3. Great post Holly! One of my favorites to play the Catwoman character... I definitely need to check out that "Bewitched" episode. :p