Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Music and Moths

I was pleased to see some Stevie Nicks fans at my Tea Party.
So I thought I'd share my friend Kym Larsen's song about her:

It's on her debut album, which I highly recommend buying here!

The line about gossamer wings relates to the other point of this post.
To share my bootiful new Monster High doll,

I got her at the perfect time,
since it's National Moth Week!

I must also share this moth my brother found a few weeks ago:


Nope. It was a Luna Moth.

My brother owns Mothra though!
Well, this fabulous figure of her:


  1. Is that one of the new mixed up MH dolls? I love the Centaur girl and her cute little top hat. Fun fun fun! I need to take pics of my MH dolls and share them!

    1. Indeed she is! I own and love the Centaur girl too. Have you seen Manny Taur? I want him and his cyclops girlfriend, who you can get as a set here, but it's currently sold out. :(
      If you take pics of your dolls, send them to me and I'll share them here for my Doll Days of Summer! :)

  2. Your friend sings beautifully! Love those dolls! Glad to see they are so popular!
    Last weekend I seen a beautiful , all white moth with a pinkish body! and then this week Johnny Winter Died! RIP and thank U for the music!
    Always funHolly! xoDebi

  3. Your friend's song is great and such a lovely tribute to Stevie Nicks! A very bootiful new Monster High dolly too! ;D

  4. Great tune by your friend! Very cool doll, and the Mothra song rocks,as does your bro's Mothra figure! Awesome as always,Holly,just like you! :) "Please return the egg."

  5. Debi, Emma, and Conrad ~ Glad you all dug my friend's song and my new doll! :)

  6. Well hello! Sorry I'm couple years late, but just ran into this thanks to our convo from two years ago! Man, time flies like crazy! I need to listen to that clip from Kim. I haven't yet. Love you! <3 xoxo