Friday, July 4, 2014

Meet the Doll Creator: Gina of Daydream Believer

About the creator, in her own words:

Hi, my name is Gina and I am a "Craftaholic".
I see something and have to try it out for myself.
I have only recently started Doll making.
It wasn't until some one asked me what my "special" toy had been as a child,
that I realised I never had one! I bought a couple of "How to" books 
(credited on my blog posts) and started making items just for me....
but I am rubbish at hanging on to stuff so gave most of them away.
I figure they will be much happier with someone who "wants" them that much lol.
Yes I believe that Dolls have spirit/souls. I believe everything we make with passion
gains a spark of life from us, and that it transfers to whomever the doll resides with.
So far this year I have made 12 dolls (knitted and cloth) and only kept 2 for myself.
I lied...I have 3...Fay the Funky Faerie lives in my craft room lol.
The others are Hortense and Horatio
(they represent me and hubby so I could never part with them).
In the past I have made 2 clay dolls and "altered" plastic Skeletons
for various Samhain events, but I have to say I am really loving cloth dolls.
I just love how the characters emerge as I am stitching them.
Hope you enjoy my creations. Love As Always, GINA XXX

A few of her creations:

For more, visit her blog here.

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  1. A brilliant post and such lovely creations! I would love to have seen your skeletons :)

    1. Thank you Winter, unfortunately I had my puter stolen recently and lost most of my pics, guess I'll just have to make some more :D

  2. Yes my Epiphany inspires mischief and I love her! Gina I treasure your gift to me more than you will know, pls, keep making your amazing, unique and loves ble creatures!

  3. Wonderful creations , dear Lady....

  4. I'm another lucky recipient of one of Gina's knitted dolls. Mine is called Morag and she's a Witch....wish I could show you her fantastic clothes, hair and wonderful wings, (yes, she's a very high ranking Witch and has fully graduated from the Broom).
    Thanks Gina.

  5. Your dollies are absolutely gorgeous, Gina! So much resplendent, eye-candy detail. ❤

  6. Such fabulous creations Gina! And I love your philosophy, that everything we make with passion gains a spark of life from us - a beautiful thought, and one I completely agree with :)

  7. Gina's dolls have soul indeed. For instance, right at this moment one of her creations--The Bloody Bride--is staring at me, asking why she was not included in here. The pretty skully dancer in black in read (also mine!) told her to calm down, she'll get her time. And the Faerie God-Mummy was my first doll by Gina. I love the creepy old hag--not Gina, the doll--she always invites laughter and has a wand. What's not to love!

    1. Please let The Bloody Bride know I love her too and plan to weave her into one of my toy story webs. *wicked grin*
      Perhaps that could be the one we collaborate on?

  8. Gina is a creative, beautiful soul ;o) I love her ;o)

  9. I agree with you all. Gina is an absolute doll!
    If you haven't already, check out the one she made me here!