Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Music and Moths

I was pleased to see some Stevie Nicks fans at my Tea Party.
So I thought I'd share my friend Kym Larsen's song about her:

It's on her debut album, which I highly recommend buying here!

The line about gossamer wings relates to the other point of this post.
To share my bootiful new Monster High doll,

I got her at the perfect time,
since it's National Moth Week!

I must also share this moth my brother found a few weeks ago:


Nope. It was a Luna Moth.

My brother owns Mothra though!
Well, this fabulous figure of her:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet the Doll Creator: Jacquelyn of Clementine's Creepies

About the creator, in her own words:

With the love of Halloween and spooky things since I was a little girl,
I brought my ideas into a form of a Doll.
I am a self taught Artist, Doll Maker, specializing in One of a Kind, Creepy, Gothic,
Odd and Unusual Art Dolls that have their own little weird personalities.
I have been creating for 12 years and dolls are my Passion! Or as I call it, an addiction!
If you are like me, and appreciate the odd, unusual, strange, 
melancholy, sometimes morbid dolls, you will love my creations!
Each doll is entirely hand sculpted, by me, with love 
and I never use any kinds of molds in my sculptures.
All of the Dolls that I create come from my imagination
or what I am in the mood to make at the time.
You will truly enjoy them!

A few of her creations:

For more, visit her Etsy shop here.

Fellow doll creators,
want to be featured?
Find out how here.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Mad Birthday Tea Party

We can't have a party without music.
So follow the white rabbits
to my favorite
tea time

The painting in the middle is on Scarling's newest record,
which I love and purchased here

Welcome To The Tea Party by Kerli

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
(Note: Scenes are from Jan Švankmajer's delightfully dark film Alice.)

Fairytale by Omnia
(Note: The beautiful lyrics are actually a poem by Lewis Carroll.)

The Girl That's Never Been by Escape Key
(Note: Based on a story called The Cheshire, which can be read here.)

Drink Me by Anna Nalick

Sometimes I Feel Like Alice by Lisa Mitchell

Looking Glass by Hypnogaja

Sunshine by Aerosmith

Through The Looking Glass by The Monkees

Alice by Stevie Nicks

Beasts by Slow Moving Millie

Merry Christmas in July to all of you
and Happy Birthday to meeeee!

I found the perfect cake, made by The Cake Monger:

The inside is red velvet ♥

Why is it perfect?
Cause it's The Doll Days of Summer here in Horrorland
and Courtney Love's birthday was just on Wednesday.

It's based on my favorite song by Hole, 
Doll Parts,
which I'm going to end this post with.

Visit the other partiers and our hostess here

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Psycho Dolls

In celebration of the lovely Janet Leigh's birthday,
I thought I'd share dolls of her as Marion from Psycho.

Psycho Paper Dolls

which I own and love!
Her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, is also in it as Laurie from Halloween.

Madame Alexander Psycho Marion Doll

I want this dolly quite badly!
I'd settle for just her shower though,
cause I could put the next doll in it.

Living Dead Dolls Presents Psycho Marion Doll

Norman as Mother is sold separately.

Speaking of Mother,
she'll be available in doll form soon too!

You can pre-order her here

Friday, July 4, 2014

Meet the Doll Creator: Gina of Daydream Believer

About the creator, in her own words:

Hi, my name is Gina and I am a "Craftaholic".
I see something and have to try it out for myself.
I have only recently started Doll making.
It wasn't until some one asked me what my "special" toy had been as a child,
that I realised I never had one! I bought a couple of "How to" books 
(credited on my blog posts) and started making items just for me....
but I am rubbish at hanging on to stuff so gave most of them away.
I figure they will be much happier with someone who "wants" them that much lol.
Yes I believe that Dolls have spirit/souls. I believe everything we make with passion
gains a spark of life from us, and that it transfers to whomever the doll resides with.
So far this year I have made 12 dolls (knitted and cloth) and only kept 2 for myself.
I lied...I have 3...Fay the Funky Faerie lives in my craft room lol.
The others are Hortense and Horatio
(they represent me and hubby so I could never part with them).
In the past I have made 2 clay dolls and "altered" plastic Skeletons
for various Samhain events, but I have to say I am really loving cloth dolls.
I just love how the characters emerge as I am stitching them.
Hope you enjoy my creations. Love As Always, GINA XXX

A few of her creations:

For more, visit her blog here.

Fellow doll creators,
want to be featured?
Find out how here.