Sunday, June 8, 2014

Morbid Marilyn

Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Monroe!
She would've turned 88 on June 1st.

This undead artwork of her by Zombie Rust
fit in my makeup/jewelry organizer perfectly!

As you can see:

A mirror was originally in the frame, 
but it cracked during shipping, sadly.
So I popped it out and put Marilyn in!

Here's the organizer all loaded up:

Click the pic to see my batty baubles better!

Many impersonators channel Marilyn's spirit,
but none as well or uniquely as Jami Deadly.
As you can see from these photos,
set to one of my favorite songs:

I was going to write about her show Deadly Cinema,
but the awesome Amy Asphodel beat me to it!
Check out her very informative post here.

Jami doesn't just impersonate Marilyn though.
Here she is as Halloween Man's Lucy Chaplin:

By the way,
Halloween Man vs. The Invisible Man is on Comixology now.
Go here to get the massive 106 page book for a measly $1.99!


  1. I find myself constantly in awe of your ability to find all of these "creepy curiosities," Holly.

  2. I do enjoy your curiosities! xoDebi

  3. She doesn't look a day over extremely hot and memorable. ;-)

  4. It's a shame the mirror cracked during shipping, but Marilyn looks absolutely perfect in its place!

  5. I love that Zombie Rust piece Holly, it's just perfect in your makeup and jewellery organiser! Happy birthday beautiful Marilyn :)

  6. I do love that little work of art, it looks perfect in place of a mirror too :)

  7. I like Marilyn Monroe. She seemed like a genuinely intelligent, nice, person underneath the ditsy media persona she want made to adopt.

  8. I'm so glad you all love Marilyn and my other curiosities!
    And I agree, Mantan, she had as much brains as beauty.