Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy full moon Friday the 13th!

Celebrate the last Friday the 13th full moon for 35 years!

Don't stay out for long tonight though,
cause you might run into Werewolf Jason!

By antmanthemagnif

To play it safe, join this virtual party here
and watch some fitting flicks at home like me.

I'm watching Silver Bullet and Friday the 13th IV.
(Yep, spending my day with the two Coreys. :)

Also listening to moon-y tunes, including my favorite,
Wolf Like Me, which I must share along with a cover.


  1. Aww, tonight I'm doing house chores T-T. I'll try to go for an evening stroll, hopefully there won't be any cloud cover.

    1. I'll probably risk going out too. ;) Hope you enjoy your stroll!

  2. Spending the day with the two Coreys is a fab way to spend Friday the 13th! The full moon was particularly magical here in Australia last night - hope you're enjoying it right now :)

    1. Thanks! I got a glimpse of it from my window. Should've went out for a better view, but I was lazy and didn't want to leave the Coreys. ;)

  3. You are the Queen of curiosities! Loved my visit! xo