Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day PSA

Wish I knew who made this masterpiece

The Lord of Darkness: The Unicorns are dead, is this not true?
Blix: True lord, very plenty true.
Pox: Undeniably true.
The Lord of Darkness: You lie! Here is dawn!
Blix: The stallion is dead. Dead as dreams.
The Lord of Darkness: Out with it!
Pox: The mare lives still!
The Lord of Darkness: If even one Unicorn walks the Earth my power is not complete.
Blix: It's just a female, lord. She has no power.
The Lord of Darkness: Only the power of creation! Get the mare, I command you!

I love that quote from the movie Legend.
I find it empowering, because to me it doesn't just mean birthing babies.
It means we have the power to create anything!

Including ourselves.

See more of Jeremyville's inspirational art here

Be Uni-que! 

Be a Unicorn!

[Insert horny joke here]

I'm blowing unicorn kisses to all of you!
Extra love goes to those who are motherless and childless too.
I know this can be a hard day, so hope this (uni)corny post helps.
Writing it definitely helped me.


  1. Holly, very well said.. you have such a big heart, never change! I'm a little biased because I'm a Ridley Scott fanatic, but I love the "Legend" quotes. Nice touch :)

  2. A thought-inducing post indeed! Perfect for Mother's Day.

  3. *blows kisses back* You are my favorite bootiful unicorn sissy xoxo