Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raised By Bats

Happy Bat Appreciation Day!

Celebrate by listening to the title track of Voltaire's newest album:

The album actually came out this February instead of last May.
You can listen to excerpts from it here and purchase it here.

I own and love the whole album,
but the title track is my favorite.
It's like an outsider anthem.
 Plus it features two of my other favorite fellows,
Ray Toro on guitar and Brian Viglione on drums.

Speaking of favorite fellows,
check out my batty buddy Jason's new fangtastic film set:
The Vampire Lovers, Lust for a Vampire, and Twins of Evil
are the Karnstein Trilogy I posted about looong ago here.

They were gifts from his wonderful wife Randi,
who's the founder of Ratchet Raven Productions.
Dig the new logo?
I do and I'm so proud to be a part of the company!

Randi is also a model for Jason's new photography project,
which is a tribute to the women of 70's Hammer horror films.
More info on it here.

I'm proud to be creating jewelry for their first shoot too!


  1. Voltaire is awesome. He played here a few weeks ago. It was my second time at one of his concerts.

  2. I know I am a little on the late side but happy bat appreciation day.

  3. Holly, I want to thank you for the shout out... showing off some of my new flicks and our new logo! I'm honored to have you on the crew of RRP! Of course, people are saying I'm showing favoritism by hiring my niece, but they can bite me lol