Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ape-ril is in full swing

This month isn't just about apes though.
It's about all animals,
but mainly the curious ones, of course.

Do you have a peculiar pet? If so, I want to see!
Send a photo of it with it's name to
I'll post them all on my Facebook page at the end of the month.

The Ape-ril Creative Challenge will also be posted at the end of the month.
To give us more time to create something based on a song about an animal.
Like this one by 50's horror hostess Tarantula Ghoul:

A Kong documentary is in the works actually.
You can donate to help make it happen here.

I have some musical items to review too.
So stay tuned for those and a giveaway soon!


  1. Ok, the Lobster taking Tea gave me a guffaw! I have no pets other than a fish and I don't think OCD circles around the bowl count as interesting.

  2. Oh I'd LIKE a gorilla, but at the moment just a gorgeous Spoodle who begs for cheese and 'Rocky' the Siamese fighting fish, named after Frankenfurter's creation not the boxer LOL cute clip!

    1. I love that you named your fish after Frankenfurter's creation!