Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Creative Challenge

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me!
Why? Watch this video and you shall see:

The poem is by yours truly. 
(Don't worry, it's not autobiographical.)
I had that song in my head while writing it,
so I had to combine the two.
And the artwork by Gaye Hart fit it perfectly!

I must also share this axcellent artwork:

Leave No Apple Tree Unaxed by randomlywhimsical
Did you create something red for St. Patty's Day too?
If so, please add a link to your post below.


  1. Ha! Awesome, Holly! No wonder that apple tree of yours is flourishing! ;)

    I'm still working on my contribution, so I'm afraid I'll be a tad late, but I will be posting just as soon as its finished.

  2. Apple trees need loving, too. Good fertilizer is a great sign of great feelings. *cough*

    Love the combination--poetry, music and visual art--it sets the right mood for the experience.

    Thanks for sharing and for hosting!

  3. Oh snap! I wish I knew about this... I would have participated. Awesome poem!

  4. Seriously talented! I've watched these ...oh4x just to get the words, then your Art brilliant, and now that tune will jitter bugg! Me through my tedious chores! Thank you Holly! xoDebi

  5. Thank you all so much for the compliments!

    Magaly and Debi ~ Thanks for joining me! I'll be by to comment on your radical red posts soon, promise!

    Emma and Annie ~ It's not too late to join! I'll leave the sign up open till Monday.
    There will be another challenge next month though, so don't worry if you miss this one. :)

    Nightwind ~ Hope you join us next time too!