Friday, February 28, 2014

Before the month ends...

I must share an interview with The Velvet Coffin chicks,
including me (my first interview!) and this ghoul lady:

Randi (Zombi) Raven

Please check it out here!

Women in Horror Month may be ending,
but (Cat)Women's Day is on the way!

As you can see, I'm rocking red for it!

I'll be posting red art for St. Patty's Day too,
hopefully along with many of you!
(There will be a linky list to sign up on that day.)
Thanks to those who were so supportive of the idea,
I've decided to make it a monthly thing!
Click on The Lab tab for more details.

A Halloween Man Fan Art Contest is also in the works,
so March is going to be full of bloody good fun!


  1. I really enjoyed your interview! Intelligent & Talented, yes ripe for directing...
    I do look forward to visiting Horrorland! Monthly challenge! It's a date.....xoDebi

  2. Brilliant interview I think there is no reason women can't evolve the horror film to incorporate big ideas, comments on society, and spotlight any cause they want (eg domestic violence, sexual discrimination) if they feel inclined, giving a depth and other dimension to scaring the wits out of viewer... Or not, it's just great to see a talented female infiltration in any male dominated industry :)

    1. Thank you! I'm proud to be part of the infiltration. :)

  3. Wow! You're really beginning to get known in the world of horror, Holly! I'm very happy for you. Keep up the good work!