Friday, February 21, 2014

A Creative Challenge

First off, the winner of the Vampire's Day Giveaway was SunshineShelle!
(Hope you enjoy your 3 month subscription to

Shelle is also doing a giveaway.
You can win one of her 29 Faces portraits
(including the one below) by commenting here!

All you amazing artists I met at the Soiree 
have inspired me to get back into creating.
Whether it be poetry, painting, whatever.

So I propose a creative challenge for Saint Patty's Day.
Create something RED (and creepy, of course.)

Why red and not green?
Because March is Red Cross Month
(and I like breaking the rules.)

It'll also be a great warm-up for this colorful celebration:

Want to join? Sign up here!


  1. Ooh, I like the idea of a 'red' St. Paddy's day!
    Hmmmmm, let me see..........

  2. It's the greatest feeling, when one's inspiration is surging again.
    I am still wavering on whether to join 'Oz' or not. I will have to see how I feel in a few weeks.

    1. Don't waver, jump in the colorful pool, I'll catch ya if ya need a hand.....xoxo
      We'd love to have you join us in Ozness. Oma Linda

    2. I'm joining Oma Linda, we shall hold you. Or let you be in your own colors if that's what you need.

    3. I hope you decide to join too. We'll all be there for you. *hugs*

  3. Shelle congrats on your win cool
    Holly, you have the best ideas and because of Oz, I am already ready for your challenge. Yippee
    Thanks for the plug for Hues of Oz. I think we will all have a colorful good time. Oma Linda

  4. It's a date! St. Patrice's Day usually has ended RED! in my world, from time to time!
    Also meeting up with Hues of OZ! I am so thrilled! xoDebi

    1. Thanks so much for showing me the RED, my dearest Debi!

  5. First, congrats to my Shelle LOVE!

    And then, wooohooo! I love the color red, so I'm so in that it will be hard to pull my head out once we are done with this. Hm, I might write a two parts something (part one on the 17th and part 2 on the 21st for the Hues of Oz!).

    Let's create something red, dark and delicious!

  6. Congratulations to Shelle! I love that Vampire painting of hers. As for St Patrick's, I'm usually a green-free zone, so I might well be interested in somewhere red on the 17th.

  7. I so rude! Congratulations Shellie! I can't take my eyes off your Art, this one is a most Favorite! xoDebi

  8. Congratulations, Shelle! And I love the little vamp girl and her dolly soooooooo much! :)

    I'm in, Holly! I shouldn't be in. Because life is insanely busy right now. And I'm packing up my house in anticipation of a house move soon. But I'm in anyway. 'Cause you're a wicked temptress. And I can't resist. You vixen, you!!! ;D

  9. Congrats Shelle ;o) I will see if I can get a painting made on time. If I do, I will for sure join in ;o)

  10. I'm so so sooooo thrilled to win and thanks Holly I had such fun and lookie, now Paddys Day, red-dy for another party, oh yeah!!! I'm Oz-ing in March too, party time babes, and thank you all for your sweet comments on my art, I'll be posting soon, got a heap more I've been painting, so hopefully blog them soon :) thanks too Holly for giving all a heads-up on my giveaway, hopefully whoever wins will be able to pick something they fancy :) now I can't wait to start using my prize, I love LOVE movies!!! Oh and so happy you are feeling inspired Holly, gotta tell you, the babes that joined your soirée did great posts, I had a ball and so happy I partied with this creative bunch of bloggers :) THANK YOU!!!!

  11. Congratulations Shelle *you are an awesome artist*...I am also Oz-ing in march, qand a touch of red is so necessary to balance all that green :D XXX

  12. Thank you to all of you who are red-y to p-art-y with me! ;)
    I've decided to make it a monthly thing. More details soon!