Friday, December 13, 2013

The 12th Comic of Creepmas: Halloween Man: Cry Havoc!

About The Book:

It's the undead vs. the under-sized as Solomon takes on the King of the Dwarves!
Can Solar City survive a full-scale invasion from these mythical beings?
And just what is up with all of the gorillas?
This one-shot adventure mixes spooky thrills with silver age fun.

Halloween Man is a 21st Century Beauty and the Beast story
that brings together the most amazing aspects of horror,
superheroes, and science fiction.
Meet Solomon Hitch, the Halloween Man himself - 
a misunderstood monster with the power of the horror movie sequel,
a heart of gold, and a taste for living flesh –
and his lady love Lucy Chaplin, the world's most glamorous mad scientist.
With his friends by his side, he just might smash evil, save the world – 
and maybe even save his soul!

My Two Cents:

Move over Batman, Halloween Man is my new hero!
A backstory is provided for those unfamiliar with him.
As well as a foreword by his creator, Drew Edwards,
which was very inspiring and relatable to me.
A bonus story is also included,
which is set at Christmas time!

Where To Get It:

Halloween Man will be on ComiXology soon,
but you can win a PDF copy of this issue here!
Just comment with your name and email.
I'll pick a winner randomly next weekend.


The distinctive artwork is by Sergio Calvet.
Who also did the art for the 13th comic,
which will be posted soon!


  1. I've been following Halloween Man for a few months now, and thoroughly enjoy the genre-bending weirdness! I''ve done some shoutouts on rpg/comics forums I'm involved in to let others know of the indie goodness.

    John Polojac

  2. Wow! Halloween man! Who'd have known?

  3. Thanks for the support ya'll! We're going to be doing some cosplay contests in the new year.