Monday, September 23, 2013

Unique and Creepy Dioramas

Insects in the Club

This little scene showcases “Beats” the Stag Beatle (Odontolabis dalmanni intermedia) 
behind the DJ booth providing hours of entertainment to the rest of insect-kind,
in a very unique club where all insects are allowed (for a small fee of course).
The club tonight happens to have five Sagra femoralis insects enjoying themselves.
A couple (Niv and Nats) dances in the couples room romantically,
while Georgia dances all by herself, just the way she likes it.
But then we have “Breaky” spinning on the floor with some break dancing of his own,
while “Saggy” stands and watches just at the edge of the spotlight.
Hopefully some more bugs will be joining soon!

One-eyed Billy Pirate

You’d best be on the look-out for the one-eyed pirate Billy (A Heterometrus scorpion)!
Ever since he liberated a human ship from the throes of a dangerous tide
he’s been sailing and plundering all that he comes across.
He’s gotten quite the name for himself too,
since his ship is rumored to contain human bones
and remains from as far back as the 3rd century BC!
Eventually he even acquired a first mate, Jilly,
who vigilantly keeps watch from the crow’s nest, so they are ready to rob on the go.
Now if only they had a bit more powerful toxin with their stings,
then they might be able to better defend their bounties from being stolen as well!

The Attempted Escape

Sometimes even bugs are criminals,
and that is no exception for “Crunch” (A Sphaenognathus Monguilloniand beetle).
He’s been a trouble-maker from a young age,
but most recently has resorted to assault on some poor insects smaller than him.
Of course insect society does not condone any violence like this,
so he’s been thrown in jail, awaiting his verdict
and to see whether the two poor insects he assaulted will even make it through.
However Crunch doesn’t want to stay in prison
and he’s worked on a plan to escape without even telling his bunk mate!
Unfortunately his kick the door in and run strategy wasn’t the most brilliant,
and Police Officer Jenny (An Aegus Acuminatus) was waiting for him!
Can he escape in time?

Twisty the Squirrel Taxidermist

Twisty is a squirrel after my own heart,
with all the twisted and unusual things he likes to do, and hobbies he has.
Twisty actually practices taxidermy and even has his own shop just outside his tree home,
along with a variety of pieces on display around it.
And he doesn’t practice any kind of taxidermy; humans are his specialty.
Before you, is his shop, where he does all his taxidermy work.
He actually uses a jaw bone from an Elk as his flesher and fleshing beam,
though it is a pain to clean sometimes.
He also has a bucket of acidic solution for a replacement on tanning and drying,
which leaves the human flesh shrunken.
The process seems to work well for him since he even has some back up body parts
for sewing together later once he’s removed all the necessary bone elements.
If this is surprising, just imagine what other practices Twisty is involved in!

About the Author of this Guest Post

Erika Henrike is a professional collector and creator of oddities for,
who loves talking about fashion, stuffed animals, and her insect dioramas.
She is fond of the more odd and unusual knick knacks in the world
and likes writing about them to share her interests with others.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seeing Double: Reappearing Bad Guys

If you’ve ever followed movies, you know that things come out in pairs —
that is, dual movies that mirror one another in plot, style, and even actor appearance.
Armageddon and Deep Impact, Dante’s Peak and Volcano
Antz and A Bug’s Life, The Prestige, The Illusionist.
The list goes on and on—all this to say that generally, things come in pairs.

And if salt and pepper, Halloween costumes,
and movies can all be coupled, well, so can villains.
Below are a few examples (though not an exhaustive list)
of movie bad guys with more than shocking similarities.
Examples, I should note, may contain spoilers.

 Signs and Dark Skies

Signs, which came out in 2002, features human-like aliens.
They’re thin and tall, quick runners, and are able to jump very high.
In addition to hating water, these aliens have claws and sulk, sort of slithering, about.
They possess the unique ability to hurl poison gas from their wrists, click to communicate,
and change colors to camouflage themselves.

 Dark Skies, the film, came out February 22 of 2013
and features aliens referred to as “The Grays.”
The movie is similar in its depiction of the fragility of family
and childhood ability to perceive the supernatural, and uses the aliens sparingly.
Still, they bear striking resemblance to those in Signs

I Am Legend and The Decent

The movie version of I Am Legend, which came out in 2007,
envisioned the bad guys as virus-altered mutants with vampire-like tendencies.
Termed “Darkseekers” these creatures are able to smell immune humans
and actively seek them out.
Robert Neville, immune to the virus, spends the movie seeking a cure,
which he eventually develops.

 The Decent, which opened in the United States in 2006, 
also features flesh-consuming creatures interested in the dark.
When a group of women descends into a cave,
they’re hunted by blind underground cavemen with developed hearing and smell.
They’re also expert climbers and, unfortunately, murderers.
The villains certainly resemble each other,
as do the respective film’s exploration of the human capacity for destruction.  

World War Z and 28 Days Later

The infected in 2013’s World War Z, like all infected,
have been reanimated by a virus for which there is no cure.
They die when the brain is destroyed,
though they decompose (albeit slower than normal).
They can be frozen, which will render them inanimate until they are unfrozen.
They lack the human capacity for becoming tired
and they’re unable to think or feel, acting instead on impulse.
Termed “Rage Zombies” these guys are fast, virus-spreading machines.

 In 28 Days Later, which appeared in 2002,
the people in question are first bitten and then infected —
like the infected in World War Z, they’re not actually dead.
But they’re fast, extremely lethal,
and act in accordance with their ill temperament and hunger,
although they often appear to kill just for sport.
They don’t appear to be decomposing though and work to spread the infection to others.

There are infinitely more examples of similar villains reappearing — 
history is bound to repeat itself,
and we’re continually influenced by the visual stimuli presented to us.
And it’s probably best to let these duplicates inform the construction
of new bad guys and villains, allowing us to see them in a new context.
Let them inspire us — to be more original, to build upon an existing idea,
to come up with a couple’s Halloween costume we’re left explaining at the party. 

About the Author of this Guest Post

Lydia Mondy believes that people fall into one of two categories — 
fans of Alan Thicke and fans of Robin Thicke, and she’s not telling where she stands.
When she isn’t hunting bigfoot, you can find her writing about Halloween costumes
and cheering on the LA Dodgers.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jason In TV Land

Jason on The Arsenio Hall Show

My favorite of Jason's many appearances on Robot Chicken

Jason on The Simpsons with another frenemy
[Sorry I could only find a clip of this in Spanish,
but someone translated what they're saying ~
Freddy: I don't get it! They should be here by now!
Jason: Meh. What are ya gonna do?]

A mash-up of Jason's appearances on South Park

Two of a few Jason appearances on Family Guy

Honorable Mention:
Jason as a Space Marine in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
[Sadly I couldn't find a clip of him.
You can watch episodes of the show on YouTube though.]

This post is for the Friday The 13th Bloghop!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Scary Tale

The winner of the Red Handed Scary Tale Contest is...

David Rhoads!

Kweeny Todd is presenting his story.

I'm presenting the second place story,
which was written by Wyatt Moore.

But first, let's have a hand for the winners!
And be sure to "like" Red Handed the movie!

Now on to the delightfully gory story...

Red Handed

It was a cold day, in the middle of January. The winds were mild, but awfully chilling. 
Enough to send a shiver down anyone’s back. But there was a girl, whose name was Red,
who didn’t really mind the cold. In fact, she kind of liked it. She lived in a rural area,
with lots of forests filled with trees and animals of all sorts. 
We all know that a lot of animals hibernate around this time of year.
But the ones that don’t hibernate usually have to scavenge for food.
Either that, or hunt the scavengers. Red knew this,
but she ventured into the forest anyway.
After all, she wasn’t scared. She had done this many times,
and with the exception of getting too close to a bees nest once,
everything had gone well. Besides, her grandmother’s house was in the forest.
If something was to happen or she ever wandered too late,
she could always stay the night there.
She hadn’t heard from her grandmother in a while,
but she just assumed she had been busy.
And that only gave her another reason to venture into the forest.
“I’ll stop and check on grandma while I’m here” she thought.
She had been wandering through the forest for a while when suddenly she paused.
She spotted something in the distance. She couldn’t quite make out what it was.
So she went to go see. She was disgusted when she got close enough to tell what it was.
It was a deer carcass lying in the blood soaked snow. It had been gutted, decapitated,
and brutally maimed. There were bite marks, but none like she had ever seen before.
These were huge! “What could have done a gruesome killing such as this?” she thought. 
She was interrupted by and unsettling feeling.
She felt as if she was being watched in the distance.
She realized how fresh this killing was. The vultures haven’t even started circling yet. 
“What if whatever did this is still close by?” she wondered.
She hurried away from that horrible scene.
It was starting to get darker as time progressed. 
“I’d better just go to grandma’s house” she thought.
Soon she spotted her grandmother’s little house. But something was off.
All of the doors and windows had been boarded up!
To make things even stranger,
there were a bunch of large red handprints all over the sides,
followed by a bloody axe stuck right in the middle of the door.
Red was really frightened now.
“Oh no! Grandma might be trapped inside”. Who could have done such a thing? 
She grabbed the axe and started to hack at the boards, trying to make a way inside.
She finally broke through some of the boards after some hard effort.
She made her way inside, carefully avoiding the jagged edges of the chopped boards.
She quickly searched through the house to see if her grandmother,
or anyone for that matter, was even inside.
She found that all of the food had been consumed
and there was a bad odor of rotten scraps.
As she ventured further, she spotted something horrible.
Something she wished wasn’t there.
As she spotted the doorway of her grandmother’s room,
she spotted two feet hanging off of the bed.
She dared to peer inside even though she wanted to flee.
She wished that she could wake up, that this was but a nightmare.
Tears formed at the sides of her eyes
as she found her grandmother’s dead body lying in the bed.
She was extremely skinny and looked as if she had been starved to death.
She looked as if she had been dead for at least a few days.
This explains there being no food in the house. Red started to panic. 
Nothing was adding up. Why, why hadn’t she had just left? Why stay?
Suddenly something dawned on her.
What if her grandmother was the one who boarded up the house?
What if she had been hiding here from something?
Could it have been whoever made those handprints outside?
No, they would have just broken in like she did? Why did they leave?
Or were they taken away? What could she have been hiding from? 
Suddenly she remembered the animal carcass in the forest.
What if she was trying to keep out the horrible thing that had done that?
What if that is what had happened to whoever tried to get in before?
While all of these questions rushed passed her,
she hadn’t noticed the great beast prowling towards the room.
Her eyes widened as she heard a harsh low growl come from behind.
She turned around just in time to see two huge paw-like hands,
soaked completely red with blood, with huge claws,
lunge straight for her and go directly into her abdomen.
Blood spurted out all over her as the monster fiercely maimed her.
She let out a horrible wail of distress. But it was too late.
She, just like the other poor fellow who tried to get in, had been caught… red handed.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jason's Day is on the way! (And Insidious 2!)

In celebration of Friday the 13th,
I'm participating in this bloody fun bloghop:

Want to join the party? Sign up here!

Insidious Chapter 2 comes out in theaters Friday too.
You can see it Thursday at an advance showing with Insidious though.

The Ultimate Insidious Experience info here!

You can also see the first Insidious on FEARnet tonight at 8 p.m. ET.
And it will be on VOD starting Wednesday.
So many opportunities to catch it.

FEARnet is having a Friday the 13th Sweepstakes too,
which you can get all the info on and enter here!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Angels

Remembering these lovely ladies we lost last month...

Karen Black
July 1, 1939 - August 8, 2013

Haji (Barbarella Catton)
January 24, 1946 - August 9, 2013

Isabelle Yount (My Great Aunt)
June 17, 1917 - August 31, 2013

Goodnight, Sweet Ladies ♥